Professional Library

This page lists online reading for teachers of ELLs. 

Professional Reading

NALDIC The National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum. News, professional readings, curriculum matters from the UK.

Everything ESL is a site curated by a long-serving teacher of ELLs in the USA.  The site includes articles about the job of EAL teaching, lesson plans, some resources and a forum for asking and answering questions about teaching EAL.  She also convenes a weekly twitter discussion using the hashtag #ELLChat

What Is Comprehensible Input and Increasing Meaningful Access Through Comprehensible Input are two documents explaining the concept and ‘how to’ of creating comprehensible input for ELLs.

Lesson Planning

Breaking News English has literally hundreds of comprehensive lesson plans with resources for ELLs based on current events.

TeachItWorld 3,823 pages of printable materials, audio recordings, news-based lessons, computer-based (or ‘whizzy’) activities, teaching tips, newsletters and images for ESL teachers.


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