Postgraduate Certificate in EAL – Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University offers a Postgraduate Certificate IMG_1907in Education. The fully accredited course focuses on multilingual children learning in mainstream, complementary and international schools. It aims to draw on current debates, policies, practice and research around multilingual learners, to enable participants to:

  • Evaluate and critically compare policies connected with the teaching and learning of the EAL/multilingual child
  • Identify theories of bilingualism, translanguaging and dynamic language
  • Appreciate the links between the learning and the use of different languages
  • Explore identity and self-esteem: the emotional experiences of the EAL/multilingual child
  • Evaluate teacher, teacher assistant, parent, and whole school responses to the EAL/multilingual child, including the use of technology
  • Theorise practice and pedagogy: explore the beliefs, theories and attitudes to language and the EAL/multilingual learner which underpin teacher choices

The course is equivalent to one third of a Master’s degree, and the 60 course credits it attracts can be combined with other modules to build a full MA.

It can be attended online or face to face.

Read more about the course in the attached flyer here.


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