Year 5 Inter-House Balloon Debate: Call for Contestants

Year 5s!  The annual Year 5 inter-house balloon debate is fast approaching.  This is your time to shine on the podium, show off your skills of speaking, and really show your friends your powers of persuasion, charm and wit.

So, what is a balloon debate?

Imagine the scene: a hot air balloon is floating gently in the tropical air above the Gulf of Thailand.  It is filled with important and famous people from all over the world.  Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a seagull lands on the balloon and, mistaking it for a juicy peach, pecks a hole in the top of it.  The balloon begins to leak air and drop slowly but inevitably towards the sea. The people aboard quickly realise that the only way they will stand any chance saving themselves is to make the balloon light enough so that it can float back to the mainland.  To do this everybody except one person must jump out into the sea, leaving that one person to pilot the balloon back to safety and send out a lifeboat to rescue everyone else.

They decide that the fairest way to decide who gets to stay in the balloon is to have a debate.  Each person will have three minutes to say why they deserve to stay in the balloon.  They will say what they have achieved in their lives and why they are more deserving than the others in the balloon.  In the end the person with the most convincing argument will stay in the balloon and everyone else will have to jump out.

What do you need to do?

We need one person from each house in Year 5 to become a famous person for an hour and argue their case for staying in the balloon.

Watch this video of the winner from the 2011 Balloon Debate for some inspiration.

This is a great example of the type of speech you will need to make.  Mr Chalmers and the winner and runner-up from last year’s competition will help you prepare.

We will hold a vote within houses to choose who will represent King’s, Theresa, Mandela, Williams, Suu Kyi and Schweitzer in this year’s competition.  As well as the respect and adulation of your house, the winner will have their name engraved for posterity on the Balloon Debate prize shield.

So, don’t delay.  If you would like to take part in the Balloon Debate, tell your teacher as soon as possible.


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