Google Docs for Joint Construction

This week we have been experimenting with joint construction of texts using Google Drive.

photo 2

The idea here is to allow students to share their ideas on-line then each take a specific role in using those ideas to create a text after a particular genre.

In the Year 7 class pictured, students were first asked to brainstorm ideas using a virtual bulletin board at for a balanced argument for eat or banning shark fin soup.  They then deconstructed a model discursive text that had been shared with them on Google Drive.  The students were then given specific roles to use the brain-stormed ideas to write either the introductory paragraph, the ‘arguments for’ paragraph, the ‘arguments against’ paragraph, or the conclusion.  Each student could see the work of their peers being created as they worked on their own.  They were able to mold their contribution to the evolving document and could share ideas using the chat feature of the software.

Once they had finished their first draft they shared the document with other groups in the class for proofing and editing.

It’s fairly early days for us with this approach, but we are finding it a very interesting way to get all students working together and sharing ideas and expertise in the pursuit of a common goal.

We’ll post some of the resulting work in due course.


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