A dictogloss is a great way to hit a whole load of EAL buttons in one go.  The strategy gives ELLs the opportunity to listen, discuss, write and review.  All of this is in an authentic context of ultimately having to present the finished work to the class.

It is perfect for mixed ability groups and maximises opportunity for class talk and therefore language intake.

This strategy poster outlines the basic methodology of doing a dictogloss.

The videos below show two teachers using dictoglosses to teach about narrative.  This could of course be just as well applied to non-fiction texts.

The above is a primary school teacher using a dictogloss to teach narrative with a particular vocabulary focus.

In the second video we see a young adult ESL class using a dictogloss as a launch pad to studying the grammar of a narrative text.

Have a go yourself.  How does it impact on your students’ interaction with the language   What kinds of learning intentions could you focus on using this strategy   What potential advantages can you see in this method over other methods of  engaging with texts?


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