Co-Teaching: thoughts on what makes it work

Co-teaching is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal here at Shrewsbury International School.  The biggest impact we can have on the learning of our students can be acheived through carefully planned and executed co-teaching.

It takes time, resources and shared vision to make it work. And making the change from solo teaching to co-teaching with an EAL specialist can be a bit of a challenge to begin with.  But the success of the students and the professional satisfaction of teachers who have successfully implemented co-teaching in their classroom are clear once the initial bumps have been ironed out.

This presentation outlines some of the key factors that lead to successful co-teaching.

In your co-teaching relationship are all of these factors in place?  Is there anything here that you feel you and your co-teacher could be targeting to improve?  What help do you need from your department?  How do you think your co-teaching can be developed further?


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