Planet Word

Planet Word is a five-part series in which Stephen Fry explores language, coming to understand how we learn it, write it and sometimes lose it, and why it defines us.

This two and a half minute excerpt looks at our innate ability to aquire grammar rules, and at ways in which we can help children improve their use of grammar.

Click on the link to download the video clip: Planet-Word-Ep

What do you think?  Feel free to use the comments box to share your thoughts on what this means to you and for your teaching.  In our classes are we in a position to give our students enough exposure to good models of grammar and syntax?  What could you do in your class tomorrow to improve the exposure your students get?  What support might you need to do this even better?

This series looks like it will be a fascinating watch.  At time of writing the first two episodes have been broadcast and are available on the iTunes store and on the BBC iPlayer.


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