Good practice case study

This pdf describes the sucesses of a primary school in Hillingdon, which has a large majority of ELL children.  Fully one third classed as being in the early stages of English acquisiton. 

The case study describes how the school values mother tongue, diversity and inclusion, as well as a language assessment system that feeds into personalised learning.  It cites all of these as playing a key role in taking children from very little or no English to often meeting or exceding expectations at Y6.

What are the similarities in what Cranford Park does and what you do to help children succeed as they acquire English?  What do you make of the idea that EAL children are able “to access a version of the main activity rather than making the work easier”?  What do you make of the role of assessment at Cranford Park?  How does this fit with what you are doing in your classroom?

Source here.


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